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Simple strategies you can afford

Bogged down in the day to day running of your business with no time for marketing?

You're not alone. Move can do it all for you or help you to do it yourself!

MOVE is a new, strategically driven marketing consultancy based in Melbourne that will work with you on simple marketing strategies to attract more customers, and keep them coming back – without breaking the bank, or your back. We offer advice, critiques, training, help with planning and expertise in all marketing related matters. But always with the ‘big picture’ in mind – your overriding goals.

Move uses an evidence-based approach to a campaign, strategy or initiative, so we always do a lot of research initially to inform every successive component of the strategy and every decision we make. Our marketing plans are tailor-made to suit your business, your market segments, and your objectives. It isn’t something pre-packaged we just roll out.

We always work with you in a consultative manner and discuss every step of the way with you so you understand and feel involved. Move is able to take you from information gathering and strategy all the way to delivering and executing marketing tactics and projects. You can elect to engage Move on a project-by-project basis, or use us as your outsourced marketing resource on a retained basis. Either way, you will benefit from having access to experienced marketing professionals whenever you need it.

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Dina Zaitman, Founder and Principal Consultant for Move Marketing, has a wealth of experience accross most sectors and has worked for over 15 years delivering a number of critical projects for leading organisations both in Australia and the UK. She formed Move Marketing to enjoy flexibility and lifestyle options that comes with being your own boss and she’s passionate about helping small business owners make ‘every dollar count’. Through Dina Zaitman, your primary consultant and her team of specialised suppliers, you can access senior marketing talent without the long term cost and commitment related to hiring a senior full time marketing employee that is often associated with and obtainable only by larger companies.

Below are some of the brands Dina has worked on:


  • Microsoft
  • 13Taxi
  • Sidra Solutions
  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • Carservice.com
  • Vantage


  • Bakers Delight
  • John West
  • Leggos
  • Covergirl
  • Dr Lewinns
  • Moxie


  • Jetstar
  • Lonely Planet
  • Dance Holidays
  • Tourism VIC
  • Connex


  • Usability One (U1 Group)
  • Areeba
  • Law Institute of Victoria
  • Leo Cussen
  • Tennis Australia
  • Softball Australia
  • Hyro Digital


  • Monash University
  • Wesley College
  • Melbourne Business School
  • Financial
  • Sungard HE


  • Delfin Lend lease
  • Porter Davis

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