Who said you couldn’t measure social media engagement!

There is alot of debate about measuring engagement online at the moment, especially from brand managers trying to justify social media costs.  What we need is a model where we can show clients how to track these things over time to reveal real insights about their brands and highlight new opportunities to achieve their business objectives: sales, profit, satisfaction, loyalty.  Here is a good list of social interaction metrics / KPI’s I found (I added a few of my own). They’re from an old post but still totally relevant. 

  1. Alerts (register and response rates / by channel / CAR / post click activity)
  2. Bookmarks (onsite, offsite)
  3. Brand mentions – positive, negative
  5. Commenter’s – unique
  6. Content sharing
  8. Email subscriptions
  9. Fans (become a fan of something / someone)
  10. Favourites (add an item to favourites)
  11. Feedback (via the site)
  12. Followers (follow something / someone, monitor changes in count)
  13. Forward to a friend
  14. Groups (create / join / total number of groups / group activity)
  15. Install widget (on a blog page, Facebook, etc)
  16. Invite / Refer (a friend)
  17. Key page activity (post-activity)
  18. Love / Like this (a simpler form of rating something)
  19. Messaging (onsite)
  20. Personalisation (pages, display, theme)
  21. Posts
  22. Profile (e.g. update avatar, bio, links, email, customisation, etc)
  23. Print page
  24. Ratings
  25. Registered users (new / total / active / dormant / churn)
  26. Report spam / abuse
  27. Resolved queries
  28. Reviews
  29. Settings
  30. Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Dig, etc)
  31. Subscriptions
  32. Tagging (user-generated metadata)
  33. Testimonials
  34. Thread size
  35. Time spent on key pages(better to have 50 loyal advocates than 5000 casual visitors)
  36. Time spent on site (by source / by entry page, look at changes)
  37. Total contributors (and % active contributors)
  38. Tracking inbound links
  39. Tweets and rewets – (people re-posting someone else’s tweet in order to “forward” it to their followers)
  40. Uploads (add an item, e.g. articles, links, images, videos)
  41. Views (videos, ads, rich images)
  42. Widgets (number of new widgets users / embedded widgets)
  43. Wish lists (save an item to wish list)

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