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What they say about us?

Dina’s broad marketing experience and her ability to take big picture goals and break them down into a detailed and actionable step-by-step process makes her a strong marketing director. She is ethical, hardworking and her enthusiastic direction in the areas of PR, social and online marketing have been invaluable.

Niv Novak

Managing Director, Sonos Australia

Dina has assisted us with the vital task of developing a new brand and website for U1. We are very close to launching both in coming weeks and have been wrapped with the output of both. Dina is a perfectionist and has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of the highest standards set for herself. She has managed to group together a powerful team of suppliers which has delivered a fantastic result.

Shefik Bey

Managing Director, U1 Group

After working with Dina at Hyro, I was keen to get her involved to help Areeba consolidate it’s Brand Positioning and assist us in setting a broader Marketing strategy for 2009 and beyond.She worked exceptionally well with our team and produced excellent result that will benefit us for years to come.

Norbert Hermann

General Manager, Areeba Digital

“As the Senior Account Manager on Microsoft, Dina worked pretty autonomously. The team structure meant that her campaigns were very much hers and she ran them herself. Dina fosters creative development extremely well and her ideas stretch others. This fact made the difference in average and exceptional campaigns for our client amd and resulted in two international awards for the team. On a personal level Dina’s reliability, sense of responsibility, honesty, integrity and willingness to get stuck in are beyond reproach

Olly Foot

Client Lead - Microsoft UK, MRM Worldwide

“Marketing is Dina’s passion. She is an intelligent person with the ability to get things done with limited fuss, achieving highly successful outcomes. Dina puts pressure on herself to achieve, has integrity, is smart, has plenty of experience. Give her a task and she will get it done. Probably her most notable achievement during her time at MIT was the complete re-branding of MIT’s marketing programmes. This was a massive task in the complex area of IT and education. It involved balancing an assortment of complexities as a consequence of dealing with the university, industry and the commercial world, ensuring all stakeholders worked in collaboration. Dina worked successfully on her projects, managing to win over some very difficult clients and suppliers to get positive outcomes for all. She has no problems at all dealing with senior level leadership teams. Overall Dina can be described as dedicated, nice personality, achieves big things in difficult circumstances, respected. ”

John Dowell

Managing Director, Monash IT

Energy and effervescence are the words that I would use to describe Dina’s work persona. Dina’s sense of humour and teamwork were a strength and a real asset to the organisation. On a professional level she consistently produced the goods, utilising her team and resources efficiently and worked many extra hours to see the tasks through. In summary Dina was a delight to work with and a person you would want on your team.”

Murray McNeil

HR Director, Hyro and Synery Plus

Dina is a powerhouse of new ideas and team collaboration to express cutting edge concepts in commercial terms. Dina combined her vast marketing experience, digital knowledge and client relationship skills to pull teams together and then oversee the implementation of her ideas into successfully delivered client projects. To generate new business ideas and push the boundaries beyond what a company currently offers, Dina is the person for the job.

David Cowell

Client Services Manager, Grey Melbourne

I have great pleasure in endorsing Dina as a highly creative and focused Marketing Manager. She is able to prioritise and manage multiple strategic and tactical deliverables and I would be happy to work with her again.

Mo Gillett

Marketing Manager, Hyro

Dina’s relentless pursuit of new business and her excellent attention to detail have helped to refresh tired business relationships, while bringing in new business at the same time with approaches the company had never previously considered.

Marcel Bennett

Technical Director, Clear Blue Day

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