The 5 must-know principles of marketing


Do you want to attract more clients?

Marketing can be confusing and overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you do? Whenever I’m faced with a new client trying to get started in marketing, I like to go back to basics and the key moves you need to get people’s attention, interact with them about your business, and ultimately convert them into great clients whom you love to work with.

1: Work out what you’re trying to achieve

I can’t stress how important it is to ask the question ‘what do I want out of this’?Are you trying to launch your business and need people to know about you (awareness)? Or are you trying to launch a new service to your existing customer based and want to let them know (awareness and education)? Perhaps you have been given some short-term sales targets and you need sales now! (lead generation).  Goal setting can be a sticking point when all you want to do is get started but if you spend time defining your goals and targets first, you’ll feel a lot more focused and alot less overwhelmed. You’ll also spend alot less money and time on marketing tactics that won’t work for you.

2: It’s hard to find customers if customers can’t find you

Similar to setting up your profile on RSVP to attract prospective singles to you, marketing is all about attracting clients to your business so they feel compelled to approach you. This means defining your brand – the way you look, the way you talk, the way you operate, what you value etc.. Your brand is the first impression a prospect will have of your company. Without them, your branding efforts will lack the consistency and direction needed for success. Here is a good article on why branding is important

3: Focus your marketing on the people are the most likely to buy from you

It can be tempting to try and market your products to ‘everyone’ but it’s hard to get the attention of strangers, and  the reality is, your product will most likely only appeal to a subset of buyers who have different needs and goals. It’s smarter to focus on those you already have some affiliation with or are most likely to make the buying decisions. From there, you look at what their needs or problems, what they’re trying to achieve, how they can be successful, and their budgets. What you may discover is slight, but important, differences that will impact how the product should be pitched so a prospect can be pushed down the sales funnel. By clearly identifying target audiences, it becomes easier to capture someone’s attention because their needs and goals are front and centre.

4: Start communicating

A simple way to build a list of marketing ideas is to ask fellow business owners and marketers in your industry. Whether you attract clients through traditional marketing activities such as direct mail, advertising, networking, speaking and publishing or through online marketing such as a website, email newsletter, blog or social media, what’s important is getting them to the next stage i.e. enquiring, or purchasing. Don’t have much budget? Start with free, or at least low cost, marketing options at first. There are loads of things you can do that don’t cost much but you will need some budget. Once you have committed to some key tactics, keep doing them. Generally results do not come overnight. The important thing here is not to give up too easily as it may take time for the efforts to produce results.

5: Make friends

Friends are not made overnight. They need regular nurturing. So do your prospects! So after you’ve got their attention, provide valuable content/information in the form of an article, web content, a blog or regular newsletter. Over time familiarity and trust builds enough so they want to know more. Then give your prospects an experience of you through a website, event, video, webinar or simply getting to know them better. By this stage your prospects will be ready to explore working with you and you can set up some selling conversations.

That, in a nutshell is the basis of all marketing. Sounds simple enough right?

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